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Contact information and client comments
Sunrise Counseling Services is located on 
South Hill Puyallup near Meridian and 176th 
in the Sunrise Medical Campus.  

Located in Building Three on the second floor.

Some comments from my clients:

"Carlin's specialization in abuse and her patient, non-invasive, and fun ways of bringing up difficult issues have been a great asset in my children's path to healing.  Both of my children feel nurtured and safe to express themselves and I have found Carlin to be understanding, truly caring, encouraging, hopeful and a comforting presence."  
 - Parent of 9 & 13 year old clients

"Carlin is a very competent therapist and wonderful with children.  My main concern for seeking therapy in 2005 was so that my granddaughter wouldn't feel like she was to blame for the custody situation or feel that she did something wrong. Carlin would let my granddaughter get everything off her chest and then help her in finding ways to deal with the hurt and frustration.  Carlin helped her to stand up for herself in a respectful way and was a good fit for our situation." 
- Grandparent of a now 12 year old client 

"I entered counseling because the symptoms of depression were controlling my life and I was out of solutions.  What I like best about working with Carlin is I feel like I can actually interact with her. She lets me progress at my own pace but also challenges me to work in therapy.   This has helped facilitate the changes in my life that I know I need to make in order to feel happy."
- A 48 year old single mom